Dorset Destroyers Wheelchair Rugby Club going from strength to strength

Last year we provided a Forward Motion Grant to the Dorset Destroyers Wheelchair Rugby Club based in Poole, Dorset to enable them to buy rugby wheelchairs for the team.

We are thrilled to hear that the club now has 20 rugby wheelchairs and are competing in the new version of Wheelchair Rugby called Wheelchair Rugby 5’s. In their first year in the traditional league (Paralympic) they finished 2nd in Division 3.

They are now one of the largest clubs in Europe and are doing a 24 hour + Wheelchair Rugby Marathon on March 17th to raise more funds to buy more rugby wheelchairs and to set up an ex-services military personnel wheelchair rugby team.

Please see their new video promoting the club and the sport itself at the link below.

Not only do Dorset Destroyers run a wheelchair rugby club, but they have also set up wheelchair tennis/wheelchair badminton/wheelchair self-defence and a disability shooting club and last month they also set up The Dorset Devils Wheelchair Basketball Club to great success.

We love to hear updates from our Forward Motion Grant recipients and see how the funds are being used to really promote sport for people with disabilities.

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